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by Waves Forest


What is keeping humans from reaching their full potential? What prevents modern civilizations from becoming truly civilized? More and more people are feeling the impulse to evolve to a higher state. What is holding us back?

We can imagine in great detail what a harmonious culture would be like. We have plenty of evidence of past societies that were stable, peaceful and maintained healthy long-term relations with their environments. Yet each was eventually overrun and demolished by dominator cultures with no apparent comprehension of or respect for the natural systems that made their existence possible.

We still have a chance to forge a civilization based on cooperation instead of conflict, harmonizing with natural principles rather than fighting them. Humans have repeatedly developed cleaner, safer sources of energy and raw materials, nonpolluting transportation methods, inexpensive full-spectrum healing options, and economic systems that promote abundance instead of scarcity. Despite generations of suppression by resource monopolists, these options still exist, ready to be deployed whenever we’re ready.

We know in our bones that impeccable behavior should be the reliable standard, not the remarkable exception. Compassion and generosity come naturally, unless people are conditioned to regard them as weaknesses to be exploited. Yet for all our envisioning and intending a bright new world, where peace, harmony and abundance prevail, we still aren’t managing to make it happen. We know better, yet seem collectively incapable of doing better. What the heck is wrong with us?

A problem can be solved only when it is fully and accurately described.

Its solution will be implicit in the problem’s description. When a problem persists despite many efforts to solve it, some key element is missing from the problem’s description. Where the missing element should be, we’ll find instead a faulty assumption or outright deception. The bigger the problem and the longer it’s lasted, the more deeply embedded the wrong assumption or deception must be.

When we extrapolate the eventual consequences of suppressing all efforts to establish a genuinely harmonious, sustainable civilization, there are no human conspirators that can ultimately benefit from doing so, no matter how strongly they may believe otherwise. Certain humans have clearly been persuaded that the outcome of such suppression of alternatives would be in their favor. Such humans would have to be totally self-absorbed, to the point of being oblivious to their underlying connection with the web of life, and utterly indifferent to all the suffering caused by their actions. But who or what is doing the persuading?

What sort of beings would think this arrangement serves their purposes,

and be capable of exerting the influence required, for so long, without revealing their role or even their existence? Can we work backwards from their effects to a description of their nature?

Their suppression of alternatives is causing long-term global ecological damage, turning forests into wastelands, poisoning soil, water and air, disrupting weather cycles, lowering oxygen levels and driving countless species to extinction. So even if all this is just a by-product of their agenda, they could not have human or even organic priorities. Whatever they are, they’d need to have either very long lives or absolute behavioral consistency over many generations. They’d have to be capable of continuous intimate contact with and influence over human minds, while remaining essentially invisible. And they’d have to have a motive, something they get from this mass manipulation of our species that makes it worth all the effort.

And if figuring all this out is going to do us any good, there must be some action we can take to remedy the situation.

If the underlying forces that artificially retard humanity do not originate with humans, the compulsion of some humans to acquire power over others and restrict their freedom is a symptom, not the cause, of the manipulation of human awareness. In that case those humans who are engaging in mind-control programs, for example, are just dramatizing on others something that has already been done to them at a much deeper level.

There is one irreducible quality that characterizes the humans who’ve appointed themselves the controllers and limiters of civilization’s options. All their behaviors ultimately flow from self-importance. And reinforcement of self-importance is the dominant theme in the prevailing social order. We aren’t just talking about egotism here, but rather the entire mode of awareness where everything around us is significant only insofar as it pertains to the self. This way of perceiving reality is so widespread that it mostly goes unnoticed, while other modes of awareness, with different criteria for significance, surface only occasionally. Humans who can disengage self-significance at will are embarrassingly rare.

What if self-importance is the very thing these hypothetical controllers of humanity are after?

This might be a good place to take a short break, because from here on this won’t be just an intellectual exercise, and it’s going to get kind of personal. So put down the magazine or step away from the computer, stretch, breathe deep, drink some water, even take a walk if you like.

It will also help a lot if you try the following simple movement:

Stand with your feet parallel, about shoulder-width apart, someplace where you can swing your arms around without crashing into anything. (If you cannot stand, sit on a stool with no back.) Gently rotate your upper body left, then right, continuing back and forth while swinging your arms around you horizontally. They will extend and then wrap around you naturally, impelled by centrifugal force as you rotate around and back on your axis. At the farthest point of each swing, let your fingers lightly land on the soft areas on your front and your back, between hips and ribcage. (These spots, over the liver, pancreas and adrenals, are sometimes called “the vital centers”.) Keep doing this for a few minutes. It will loosen your spine and shoulders, increase circulation and oxygen flow, and feel good. Also, at the deeper level where you are literally a luminous being, a big ball of light, this movement loosens the encrusted dispersed life energy around your equator and transfers it via your fingers back to your vital centers. These primary vortices then make that life energy available for enhancing your vitality and sense of well-being, and your ability to read the rest of this story without freaking out.

This movement is sometimes called “Lifesaver”, either because your hands are describing the shape of a huge lifesaver around your middle or perhaps because it can save your life if you do it enough. It is quite ancient, older than this civilization cycle. Children occasionally rediscover it by instinct.

There are hundreds of prehistoric, specific movements of the limbs and breath, from simple ones like the Lifesaver to elaborate long forms, which are not in our usual daily inventory of movements. Later on we’ll describe others, in enough detail that you can learn and practice them, and share them with other people. In modern times these movements are known as “magical passes” or “tensegrity”. Said to be at least ten thousand years old, they may be ancestral to, or share a common ancestry with, chi kung, tai chi, yoga, Tibetan rites of rejuvenation and so on. Among other effects, they reduce stress and increase confidence and the range of what we can perceive. They also help quiet the mind, interrupt habitual thought patterns and dispel self-absorption, so with enough practice such movements should reduce our susceptibility to the influence of any hypothetical entities that may be cultivating humanity as a source of self-importance-flavored awareness.

Now hang in there, because those entities are about to get less hypothetical.

Among organic life forms there are plenty of examples of parasites who influence their hosts to do things that serve the interests of the parasite, not the host. We’ll skip digressing into the gruesome details, which can be easily found in various natural science publications. The point is, while the mechanism by which they accomplish this takeover is still being studied, it’s clear that these parasites are hijacking some part of their hosts’ nervous systems, enough to compel the hosts to do things they would not normally do, usually to provide the conditions the parasites require for reproduction.

So there are precedents in the natural world for life forms being tricked by parasites into acting against their own best interests. But could analogous external influences really account for the massive misbehavior of mankind?

First let’s distinguish the human activities which are in our long-term best interests from those that demonstrate inability to cooperate with Nature or each other. Behaviors in the second category invariably start with self-absorption, or self-significance might be a more precise term. If this is not immediately self-evident, choose some examples and trace the misbehaviors back to the mental state required to induce them. In all cases self-significance will be the initial condition for self-destructive or other-destructive actions. Bear in mind that self-significance can manifest as self-pity, self-righteousness, attention-seeking compulsions, sheer bloody-mindedness, the indifferent obliteration of habitats, and assorted sociopathies. Note that all of these conditions involve a reduction of awareness. Later we’ll expand on these syndromes, particularly as they apply to the “powers that were”, the subset of elite humans still trying to steal the world and reduce the range of perception and energy of the rest of humanity.

Contrast these antics with the accomplishments of humans at their best.

Acts of great generosity are often described as “selfless”, and that may be literally accurate, at least for the duration of the act’s initiation.

Inspiration and creativity come right out of infinity. We commonly hear that a new idea came from out of nowhere, or appeared in a dream. Even when we’re “awake”, at the moment when a truly original idea appears, an instant of inner silence has just occurred, a brief interruption of the internal dialog, which then allows inspiration to get through from the vast sea of awareness. The familiar mental chatter might immediately resume, with thoughts like “this’ll be worth a fortune” or “won’t everybody be impressed”, but at the exact moment of inspiration, such notions are miles away.

This also applies to episodes of “superhuman” abilities, whether brought on by a life-or-death situation that momentarily blows away self-significance, or by years of practice, discipline, impeccability and cumulative inner silence. And it applies to those children who have escaped being conditioned into self-importance, so their innate “paranormal” talents have been allowed to develop. Exceeding the boundaries of consensus reality is creativity in the broadest sense.

To put it bluntly, creativity and self-importance are mutually exclusive.

An objection arises at this point: what about those highly original artists, musicians and inventors who also happened to have colossal egos? What about the USA, where so many amazing innovations have originated, even though self-importance is perhaps what America is most famous for? (As the saying goes, “we’re number one at thinking we’re number one.”)

Here we have to distinguish between the various states of awareness a person can occupy at different times. Check the accounts of those highly creative individuals who also were famously self-important in their daily interactions, and we find once again that at those instants of inspiration, the self moved aside just long enough for some higher purpose to take hold.

They may have described the phenomenon in various ways, but that’s the core of it. Examine closely the moments in your life when your most original or inspired ideas occurred, and you’ll notice the same thing: a release from self-absorption and a momentary lapse in that otherwise incessant inner voice. And by original, we mean original for you; it’s no less inspired if it turns out later that others had the same idea.

But when the priorities of self-significance take over the creative process, inspiration crashes. Consider as an example those artists and musicians whose most original work occurs early in their careers, while they are fully open to inspiration, before all the praise and popularity has gone to their heads. Later when much of their attention is diverted toward maintaining their self-image, the accompanying mental noise blocks inspiration from getting through. Their work becomes repetitious, derivative and/or “commercial”. The notable exceptions continue producing innovative and beautiful works throughout their careers, repeatedly breaking out of self-reflection at least long enough for those great bursts of inspiration to get through to them from infinity.

Does all this shed some light on the pitiful condition of humanity’s self-appointed rulers? Their self-importance is monumental and unrelenting.

It’s not just their default mode of awareness, it’s their only mode. Thus they have an impenetrable barrier between them and the source of all inspiration and creativity. No inner silence for these clowns, and no original ideas, except for the ones they can buy or steal. Hence the same reheated tired old agendas, world domination, techno-feudalism, mass thought control, resource monopolies, slavery disguised as “free markets”, mass human sacrifice disguised as war, epidemics, starvation, and “natural” disasters, etcetera blah. They live in fear of getting discovered and overthrown. They are utterly blind to their connection with the web of life, and the intrinsic generosity and benevolence of nature. The mass awakening of humanity is leaving them behind, and they are oblivious to the many bandwidths of perception the rest of us are learning to access. They are so obsessed with domination and avoiding punishment, it’s never occurred to them that most of the rest of us will be too busy evolving to waste time punishing anyone. And anyway it’s hard to imagine a worse punishment than being what they already are.

This part bears reiterating. Over the years, researchers have described countless elaborate human conspiracies, in excruciating detail. Many are real, but none completely explain our overall situation. To fully account for the bewildering variety of suppressive phenomena we encounter, a complete theory must also explain the condition of the conspirators themselves.

So, how did they get that way? Is there a cure? Is their affliction just a more extreme case of the condition that affects most of humanity, or is it fundamentally different? And are we finally going to elaborate on the awareness-munching parasites alluded to earlier?

Okay, we’ve used half the article just sneaking up on the central premise. The very wits humans have tried to wrap around this problem appear to have been compromised at some deep level, to prevent us from ever getting a handle on what’s really going on. So we can pretty well bet that if anyone actually has identified the underlying thing that blocks humanity from reaching its full potential, and described detailed countermeasures, their work would be widely dismissed as fiction by minions of those who want to prolong the prevailing imbalance of power.

Anyone who has carefully read Carlos Castaneda’s books, especially “Magical Passes”, “The Active Side of Infinity” and “The Art of Dreaming”, and actually applied the techniques and maneuvers he described, probably has a pretty good idea where we’re going with this. Thanks for continuing to be patient while we fill in those who haven’t.

Carlos Castaneda was an anthropology student in 1960 when he met Don Juan Matus, the leader of a party of sorcerers or shamans (neither term is adequate) living in Mexico. Their party was the latest in a lineage that spanned twenty-five generations. Carlos started visiting and learning from Don Juan, thinking at first that he was studying a primitive belief system. It turned out instead to be an entire cognitive system vastly different from the one most modern humans operate under, and it swallowed him. Throughout their association Don Juan and his cohorts put Carlos through experiences that are considered flatly impossible by the prevailing modern belief system. They also provided explanations for how such things were in fact quite possible, along with techniques for accomplishing similar feats.

Castaneda wrote twelve books detailing what he learned and experienced, and we aren’t about to try and summarize them. One way of describing the abilities of Don Juan and his party is that they were able to act in the “real world” as if it were a dream, and vice versa. They moved great distances in an instant, plucked knowledge from out of nowhere, made impossible things appear and disappear, visited other worlds, and generally altered the features of reality at will.

It’s easy to see why this planet’s self-anointed royalty would be alarmed at the prospect of ordinary people acquiring such abilities.

In his first two books Carlos focused on those experiences he could attribute, mostly, to perceptual distortions caused by psychoactive plants he used early in his apprenticeship. (To provide the full picture, Don Juan exposed him to the entire range of practices comprising his tradition, including procedures Don Juan personally considered obsolete, some of which were not exactly user-friendly.) Later as his comprehension and memory improved, Carlos was forced to conclude that total sobriety was a prerequisite for coherently manipulating reality in the manner Don Juan demonstrated. And it should be noted that the female apprentices did not require psychoactive plants to break loose their fixation on consensus reality. More about them later.

Now this is key to the hypothesis we’re working toward: another vital prerequisite for accomplishing these manipulations of perception, and thus of reality, and a recurring theme throughout the books, is losing self-importance. Here’s one of many major differences between Don Juan and the “sorcerers” of more familiar western literature. While Don Juan and his party concentrated on controlling their own perceptions and behavior, most of the “sorcerers” of European history were focused on controlling others. To this day, their modern counterparts are preoccupied with controlling others, so it’s easy to see why “sorcery” is an unappealing and inadequate term for most of what Don Juan was doing. “Magic” really isn’t much better. The very fact that there is no accurate term in English for someone like Don Juan, or for his system of knowledge and practices, should be a giant clue. Even our capacity to think or talk about altering reality at such a deep level is constricted by lack of terminology.

But we’re going to try anyway. There are certain core concepts relayed by Castaneda that are central to this discussion. They can be verified by direct observation and experiment. These are not metaphors.

Our familiar world of people and objects is not the only level of reality we can access. Our world is generated by the interactions of fields of energy and awareness. These fields resemble countless strings of light, or luminous filaments, stretching in all directions. At the level where we consist entirely of energy, each of us resembles a ball of light made up of vast numbers of these filaments curled up together, extending as far as our arms can reach. This ball of light has a number of features, but two are most significant here.

The first is an especially bright spot a few inches across, which Don Juan called the assemblage point. The world we are witnessing at any given time is composed of the filaments from outside the ball of light which happen to flow through that extra bright spot, and are brought into alignment with those composing us. Perception is assembled and interpreted there at that point, hence the name.

When we are awake, the usual position of that bright spot is about an arm’s length behind the shoulder blades. However, that spot can be moved to other locations on or in the big ball of light that composes us. It moves around naturally when we dream, allowing unaccustomed filaments to flow through it and to be assembled into perception. That’s why the worlds we observe in dreaming look different from the one we inhabit while awake.

Several hundred of those worlds are actual places that continue to exist whether we’re there or not. It’s as if we all have a built-in reality tuner, but haven’t learned how to use it. Every wild ability demonstrated by Don Juan and his party involved manipulating their assemblage points.

There is a second feature of luminous beings that we have to appreciate if we want to understand the human condition. We are not just one ball of light, but two. The other ball of light is not anchored in this waking world.

Don Juan called it the dreaming body, the energy body or the double. For now let’s call it the dreamer. When we dream, some aspect of our waking awareness rides along with it and samples its explorations, adventures and variable identities. That second ball of light is our true other half, the “something missing” we all sense from an early age. It “breathes” infinity the way we breathe oxygen, and for similar reasons. It exists between us and infinity, that vast sea of awareness, and everything that reaches us from infinity, whether inspiration or regenerative energies, has to come through it. That’s why sleep deprivation can kill a person; the connection between the two balls of light gets too thin for the sustaining energies to reach and maintain the part of us that sticks up into this world.

This is the biggest secret about our true nature and potential as humans. We are double beings. The trans-dimensional connection between a person and their dreamer consists of a glowing coat, an extra sheen of awareness that should cover the ball of light that composes their waking self. However for the vast majority of people that glowing coat has been nearly consumed, until all that’s left is a glowing fringe down around the toes, just enough to keep us alive. That remnant is not enough to maintain a conscious link with the dreamer, let alone act in the waking world with the freedom of a dream. Even the possibility of doing so is widely disregarded, and people are usually led to believe that dreams are just imaginary and of no significance except insofar as they might apply symbolically to the waking world. And the reality people experience is greatly influenced by their expectations, especially where the limitations of their capabilities are concerned.

So now we are finally closing in on the awarenivores, literally eaters of awareness. We coined this term back in 2001, as an unambiguous word for the inorganic non-physical parasites that Don Juan called “the flyers”. Castaneda discussed the flyers at some of his Tensegrity workshops in the mid-1990s. His most detailed written description is in the chapter “Mud Shadows” in “The Active Side of Infinity”, though there are plenty of hints provided earlier in the book. For that matter, once we know what to look for, their impact is unmistakable throughout recorded human history.

Inorganic beings have awareness and energy but no physical organism, and they exist in greater variety even than organic life. Occasionally some are detected and described as elementals or nature spirits. Some are actually quite friendly. The awarenivores are just a subgroup of the unfriendly ones.

Yes we know this sounds loony. Get the details from Castaneda, and treat this as you would treat any hypothesis to be tested in the real world. See how well it explains some otherwise inexplicable human behaviors, like the tendency to act against their own best interests, set to the recurring theme of self-importance. Notice how many baffling phenomena finally start to make sense when examined in this context.

Consider the contradiction between the accomplishments of human ingenuity and the absurdities of human belief systems. How can people be so clever and so stupid at the same time? What makes someone who can be brilliant at solving problems turn around and cause idiotic problems in their interactions with others?

In order to accomplish their predation, the awarenivores engage in the ultimate form of mind-control. Using their own minds as a template, they superimpose over the native human mind a false mind, which Don Juan called the “foreign installation”. And as you might expect from a parasite, the mind of the awarenivore is unimaginative, self-absorbed, obsessed with feeding on its host and avoiding discovery. They’ve edited their very existence out of humanity’s conceptual frameworks. Obscuring the native human capacity to perceive energy directly usually enables them to escape detection. However small children sometimes notice them and holler about monsters under the bed or wherever, until they’re either conditioned out of seeing such things, or driven crazy.

The food of these parasites is the self-importance-flavored flares of awareness released by provoking conflicts between humans, including imaginary conflicts. They don’t care what else we do, as long as most of our vital energy is diverted into self-significance. Their human proxies, the ones most severely infested, make sure that the social order continues to reinforce self-importance as the top priority. The “ruling class” is probably as unaware of being controlled as most people, although some apparently believe they’re serving the devil or something.

Thus for countless generations humans have basically been tricked into using half their magical powers to hold down the other half.

The good news is that we can change this, now that we know what’s really going on. Individually at first, then as a species. And our capabilities can expand as far as our imagination and impeccability will allow.

However, that won’t be accomplished by just thinking about it, not while the thing we’re thinking with keeps getting overruled by the very entities whose influence we’re trying to escape. It requires energetic techniques that reduce self-absorption and promote inner silence. Experiment with the Magical Passes; there are hundreds to choose from.

Learn and practice recapitulation, which retrieves life energy dispersed across time. Recapitulating involves revisiting, in as much detail as possible, the episodes in one’s life where feelings were generated, and inhaling slowly and deeply while gently turning the head to one side, then exhaling while turning it to the other side. This retrieves vital energy caught up in the interactions while expelling foreign energy left by others. Details are in “Magical Passes”, as well as in “The Sorcerer’s Crossing” by Taisha Abelar, another of Don Juan’s apprentices.

The discipline that comes with regular practice makes self-significance become less and less prominent, and replaces it with serenity, until the glowing coat of awareness is no longer tasty enough to interest the parasites.

Eventually they leave altogether, taking their foreign installation with them, whereupon the glowing coat can grow back, restoring the connection with the dreamer, and through it, with the sea of awareness.

But first the parasites will try to persuade anyone attempting to escape their control that it’s not worth it. They’ll use religious beliefs, fear of looking foolish, not having enough time or energy, whatever it takes to try and reinforce self-importance, and they’ve had thousands of years of practice.

Researchers can be familiar with all sorts of suppressed discoveries yet still overlook the huge implications of this subject, since so many deflector screens and clouds of chaff have been placed around it; entire books and websites are devoted to steering people away from pursuing it.

The only way to know for sure is to personally experiment with the energy-gathering and re-deploying movements. Since the parasites already have a huge head start, don’t wait around for part two of this article, where we’ll expand on certain ramifications of this story, point out some of the corroborating findings from other fields, and provide detailed instructions for performing more magical passes that aren’t in the books.

Until then, here’s one of our favorites:


This magical pass can be performed anywhere and anytime. It provides a boost from the earth’s energy and reinforces clarity and local confidence. It assists the healing of the earth and our connection with it, and makes it easier for the earth’s communications to get through to us without distortion. Also, it feels really good.

This pass starts with a deep breath, standing with fingers spread. Crouch and rest the palms on the ground, and exhale into it. Stand up, drawing the palms up the front of the body. Begin a slow inhalation as the hands reach the knees. Continue inhaling as the hands come up to the chest, then reach out to the sides, palms facing forward. Lean forward slightly, into the “wind of abstract affection”. Exhale as the hands cross over the chest, palms on upper ribcage. Inhale again while opening the arms out to the sides, palms forward, as before. Exhale again with the hands crossed over the chest, as before. With the next deep inhalation, the arms are opened out to the sides again, then brought back to the center front with the backs of the hands facing each other, fingers forward. Then they push toward the front, then curl out to the sides, as if swimming. The hands circle back toward the body, curling under and turning palms up. Finally the hands go forward at the center, as the elbows come to rest on the front vital centers, the soft spots between the hips and the ribcage. The slow inhalation ends here. Exhale while crossing the wrists, pivoting them inward, under and out, as if connected, so the palms now face forward. Breathe in as the hands grab the energy right in front of them and pull it apart, and rub it into the vital centers during the final exhalation.

Continued in Part 2 found on Archives Page.

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